Snow White and the Old Hag

feeding Snow White the bad apple
My daughter’s theatre camp, Middlesex County College Theater Camp, put on Snow White and the Seventy Dwarves last week. My daughter had the great privilege of being picked for the character role of the old hag, the old woman who is really the wicked witch and tries to kill Snow White with a poisoned apple.

smiling hag in snow white
Here she is smiling at the end of the first show – I confess, my focus of watching the show was – when does the old hag enter? When does she do her evil cackles? I had a grand time watching her. As a child, I loved acting as well. I love that my daughter has this grand opportunity through camp.

woodsman snow white
This was a dramatic scene – here the Woodsman is about to kill Snow White, but of course, he does not. He brings the evil queen the heart of a pig. Do you think this will fool the wicked queen?

wicked queen
Trick this wicked queen into believing the heart of a pig is the heart of Snow White? She is not tricked. She sets out to kill Snow White as an old hag.

snow white and the prince
In this scene Snow White greets the prince. I’m not really sure what those two guys on the right are doing.

hag with evil grimace
I took lots of photos of my dear daughter the old hag – I was so thrilled by her portrayal of the character. It was a great show, and one we will remember for many years to come.

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Upcoming Shows at Middlesex County College

This coming Friday, July 27, the show will be Rumpelstiltskin, and next Friday, August 3, the show will be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. There are two shows each Friday: one at 9:30 am and one at 11 am. Tickets are only $3.

24 thoughts on “Snow White and the Old Hag

  • Isn’t it fun to watch our children perform!!! I love your captures for the day and your daughter does indeed seem to have wonderful acting skills! Great post for the day! Thanks for sharing, Leora! Have a great week!

  • Wow. I finally cracked the code of how to enter your blog site. I am a slooooow learner these days.
    Your daughter looks lovely as ever. No old hag costume can hide her vivid beauty.
    Theatre and acting are good for children as well as for adults. We have two theatre groups for children, but the one for seniors is closed down.
    I guess it was too much work to run it.
    I like the way American children all go to different camps during the summer. It must be so inspirational to explore ones hobbies and interests these ways.

    • It is a lot of work to run a theater group – I tried it for a short time, but we didn’t get very far.

      Yes, one of the best parts of summer is getting your children to try something new or at least something they can’t do in the school year. My daughter loves theater!

  • what a fabulous costume!
    and yet her smile shines through
    I think being the evil parts are the most fun
    perhaps we’ll see her on Broadway one day 🙂

  • Great photos, Leora. I cannot believe you cute daughter has turned into a hag, though. :)) I imagine even the non-hag parents thought she did a fantastic job.

  • She is not really a hag – but the itchy makeup makes her appear as one. Cool! I love the theater camp, our two really enjoyed the acting lessons and acting themseves – their first one was in the chorus of high-school and older theater group performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. An experience in 1999 that they still remember. The players here are cute and have taken to acting. Nice!

  • She is a very pretty girl ‘old hag,’ Leora. I love to watch the plays put on by the youth. I am thinkng this one went over really well because the kids all have liked the story for most of their years.

    Our granddaughter was ‘Earnest’ in “The Importance of Being Earnest.” She is a freshman but her school is in London, U.K, so we could only watch snitches of it that our daughter put on YouTube.

    Nice to visit with here again, Jim’s Ruby Tuesday 2 .

  • Leora….Your pictures bring back wonderful memories of the plays my children were in. The pictures turned out so well. I know you were so proud of your daughter. She had a fun part to play. genie

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