Verbena and Cardinals

verbena in fall with autumn leaves
Little did I know early last summer when I purchased pink verbena because I wanted some color in my front yard that the verbena would survive frost, snow, a hurricane and live longer than the mums, the snap dragons or the nasturtium.

verbena among fall leaves like bald cypress leaves
The verbena looks handsome among the fall leaves – those orangey brown pine-like leaves are from our bald cypress tree.

verbena in our front yard
Truly the only pink in our front yard now is from the verbena – mostly brown, some green, and these dots of verbena pink.

cardinals female and male
In other nature in my yard news, I got a photo of a female and male cardinal together. They often travel together, but I don’t usually see them this close.

And I got a close shot of the cardinal – he looks like a proud guy, or maybe he has just eaten a lot of the black sunflower seeds in our bird feeder.

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