Mrs. Cardinal and Kitchen Scallions

cardinal shows feathers in tree female
I got some nice shots of a female cardinal visiting in our backyard. You can even see her feathers.

close up of female cardinal feathers
This is a close-up detail of her feathers.

female cardinal in tree
Hello, Mrs. Cardinal! What a fine bright red beak you have.

female cardinal against the sky
Is this the same female cardinal? She looks a little different than the one shown above.

male cardinal
Mr. Cardinal was a bit further off, hiding in the lower branches of a neighbor’s bush.

scallions grow in water in a kitchen
On a different topic, I put some scallion ends in water in my kitchen. Truthfully, I forgot about them; oh, my, I see they really have grown! I did change the water at least once. I think you are supposed to change the water every other day.

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