Covered Girl Clothing Sign

Covered Girl Clothing sign
The theme for Thursday Challenge is SIGN (Commercial, Traffic, Funny,…), so I decided to highlight a favorite store in Highland Park, New Jersey. I have bought a fair amount of clothing for my daughter this year at this Covered Girl Clothing shop. Recently, we bought her a black skirt so she could dress as Mary Poppins for Purim. I have bought nothing for myself this past year, as my father died in October, and it is Jewish custom not to buy new clothes for one year after a parent dies, in memory of the parent. The owner is quite friendly; you can enjoy chats with her while you shop the dresses, skirts and blouses.

In an unrelated news (or perhaps it is related, as everything is connected, no?), we had the first meeting our newly-formed artist group today. A few of us got together at my home, talked about art, and sketched together. I’ll write more about that soon, in a separate post.

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    • I’m going to blabbing on about this artist group a fair amount. I even told a blogger I would write a guest post on how to form one. It’s taken me twenty years to get the guts up to do this, but meeting number one went GREAT!

      • I even told a blogger who was looking for guest posts that I would write a guest post on how to set up a group like this. Hope my enthusiasm lasts until I get a chance to sit down and write the post.

    • I hope my excitement lasts. My friends and I have discussions about group dynamics – we don’t want a poorly run group. For example, we have to make sure everyone has a turn to speak, and we don’t get interruptions. Not always easy to moderate a group of one’s own friends.

    • No, it refers to the custom of Jewish women covering their bodies in public as opposed to walking around with a lot of skin showing. We look for skirts that are a little longer than knee length, for example.

  • Very nice photo!
    And very interesting to read that you are going to work with an art group. This Friday night I will also attend to a photo group. We also will talk about (and work with) photography. Am very interested in your story 😉

    Greetings from the Netherlands, DzjieDzjee

    • Love hearing about a photography group! As I said in a comment above, I’m planning to write a guest post on how to organize a group like this, if one doesn’t exist in your area. A photography group is a perfect example.

  • Just lovely, Leora! What a novel idea – clothing that covers. If I had a youngster, I think I’d shop there too.

    And sympathy after the death of your father. I didn’t know about the Jewish custom you describe.

  • Nice sign. Sounds like my type of store. It seems modesty has pretty much flown the coop. Thank you for explaining it in one of your replies to another commenter.

    My condolences to you on the passing of your father.

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