Tree Illustration: Fruit, Stream, Shade

tree with fruit by stream
Checking into my blog to say hello to my readers. Above is a tree illustration, once again. This one comes with a story (paraphrased in my own words):

Once upon a time there was a traveler. He was quite weary, hungry and thirsty. He happened upon this beautiful tree. There was a stream flowing by the tree, so he helped himself to a refreshing drink of the water. There were fruits in the tree, so he ate of the fruit. He laid down under the tree and took a nap. When he awoke, he was refreshed and well-rested. Before leaving, he turned to the tree. Tree, oh, tree, how can I bless you? For you have so much already. So he blessed the tree with more of the same.

Source: Taanit 5B-6A

For those that read Hebrew, here is the original Hebrew of what the traveler says to the tree:

אילן אילן במה אברכך, שיהיו פירותיך מתוקין, הרי פירתיך מתוקין, שיהא צילך נאה, הרי צלך נאה. אלא יהי רצון שכל נטיעותיך יהיו כמותך.

Have you ever been grateful to something in nature? Or perhaps grateful to someone in your life who has given you so much?

15 thoughts on “Tree Illustration: Fruit, Stream, Shade

  • I like the color contrasts in the leaves of the tree. I also like the twisty trunk. The branches remind me a bit of fingers beckoning one to the fruit.

    I like the tones of the stream, and the almost banner-like look to it.

    Lovely story, lovely.

  • Sorry…clicked too fast. I am grateful to nature on a daily basis. I walk and look at the natural part of the environment around me, from bushes and flowers in yards, to the lake and its variety of wildlife. When I travel to the sea, I am in awe and grateful for the beauty before me.

    I am grateful to my family, and feel privileged to have them in my life.

    • Susan,

      I actually created much of this illustration in Power Point. It was for my daughter’s bat-mitzvah – the tree I had already done in Illustrator. I added the fruit to the tree using shapes in Power Point. I think I did the stream in Illustrator as well.

      The quote from the Talmud has meaning relevant to my family, but I didn’t share that as part of the post.

    • This is sort of a reworking of an existing illustration so I could use it in a presentation for my daughter’s bat-mitzvah.

      It’s nice to hear that you are grateful for those in your life. I can say the same is true for me!

  • I am currently loving my proximity to nature and feeling soothed and relaxed by what it brings. I also happen to be by water and trees (a favourite), so can appreciate the sentiment in the story.

    • Debra, I’m glad I posted this – the story now once again brings me comfort. Water and trees – how nice to be near them. So precious.

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