Berry Cashew Pudding

cashew pudding with berries
Strawberry Cashew Pudding


  • 1 cup strawberries or blueberries (or try some other berries or fruit)
  • 1 cup raw cashews or macadamia nuts
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 3 Tbsp. maple syrup or honey (or to taste)

Soak the nuts for about 4 hours and drain. Blend all ingredients using food processor or blender until creamy and smooth. Serve immediately or chill. The original recipe suggests adding a little water, soymilk, or almond milk to facilitate blending if needed (I didn’t do this).

I’ve made this twice with blueberries (original recipe called for blueberries) and once last week with strawberries, as pictured.

Source: via Klara

Update in 2015: I made this again – it was delicious. This time I used frozen strawberries. Because they were frozen, my food processor took a long time to get them pureed. I then added some oat milk – that helped a lot with the pureeing process. I forgot the sea salt – I have no idea why they are in original recipe. I will ask Klara. And this time even my daughter liked this dessert – she has plans to serve it in beautiful wine glass topped with real fruit and bits of cereal (I will definitely skip that last one for me). Update on wine glasses: too tall. Next time we will try yahrzeit glasses (small little glasses of which we own an abundance). Note: the little glasses (we used yahrzeit glasses worked). Tip on using frozen fruit: let it defrost for about twenty minutes or more … that will help making the blending easier.

17 thoughts on “Berry Cashew Pudding

  • Leora..I didn’t realize that your son’s bar-mitzvah is coming up. No wonder you are so busy with that and everything that goes on in your already busy life. Try not to get too stressed out with the preparations. These huge life events may us realize how fast our children grow up. Sometimes I look at my daughter and see the little girl and the grown woman all at the same time. Stay well..hope your internet stays up as that is so annoying… Michelle

  • Leora, please do send some blueberries our way. Not that we don’t have, just it’s a big splurge.

    I agree with Michelle, still shocks me to see my “bar mitzvah” boy so grown up now – where did the years go to?

    also Michelle were you asking or commenting that the dish is macrobiotic? To make it more traditional mb (macrobiotic) I would dry roast the nuts in a frying pan, probably more likely to use almonds or walnuts (I like almonds better) and would just briefly put the fruit into boiling water, maybe one minute – if summertime, maybe not(do you get berries all year long?). Lastly, I would prefer using rice syrup – but please know it took me a long time to get used to using sweeteners that cost more – even knowing they were healthier for me. To be super fancy, you can put this pudding over some delicious cookies or crumb cake or put granola on top.

    I tried making a sweet noodle kugel for yom tov – it didn’t work – I was told to use oats as the agent to hold it together. Usually I’d use tofu. It’s ok, I got sweet noodles and fruits and nuts – reminds me of the Hungarian dish my mother used to make – noodles with ground nuts and sugar.

    • Susan, I think you will find it quite tasty! It’s also a great way to have dessert without refined sugar or dairy (with added benefits of nuts and fruit).

    • Jeannette, not a lot. Seemed to be about four small cups. But I would make it once to see if you like it before buying all those cashews to serve a whole crowd of people.

    • Funny about trying to do without food processor – for me, it is a basic. Lots of dishes get made in my house with its use – most often is potato kugel.

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