Favorite Posts of 2015

Cardinal on a branch in my backyard, December 2015 - featured image for Favorite Posts 2015
Cardinal on a branch in my backyard, December 2015

This past fall I have gotten busy with work and haven’t had a chance to post much. Now that it is quiet, I am taking the opportunity to post a few of my favorite posts from this past year. If you want to learn ways you might do a year end post of your own, check out: How to Create an End of Year Post – 2015 Version

Sandy Hook

I had a lot of fun visiting Sandy Hook with my daughter and her friend. So much history and scenery!

Shakespeare at Rutgers Gardens

I greatly enjoyed watching Shakespeare performed in our local Rutgers Gardens.

Montréal Botanical Garden: Signs, Art, and Waterfall Shots

A highlight from our trip to Montréal, Canada was the beautiful botanical garden.

Cucumber Seedlings Grow (and Portulaca)

In the spring I watch my cucumber seedlings grow and took photos along the way.

The Reluctant Videographer: Miss Hannigan

My daughter played the role of Miss Hannigan in our local show of Annie. I was the reluctant videographer.

Recipes: Favorites from 2015

I’ve been making Squash Carrot Soup again and again. I also re-posted my Cashew Berry Pudding because happily it is a dessert that my daughter loves (and it’s healthy!).

Backyard Highland Park: Spring!

I am posting this one with the photo of a bird in flight.

Watercolor Portrait of a Young Man

Finally, here’s a watercolor of my eldest son:

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