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Park Britannia Flora: Cyclamen, Anemones, more

israel Park Britannia landscape
I have always wanted to see the spring flowers in bloom in Israel, and on my recent trip, I had that opportunity. Too bad my daughter thought the day too cold for an outdoor trip, but to me it felt like April in Boston.

There is a song in Hebrew for these beautiful red flowers that show up all over the landscape in February in Israel: kalaniyot. The English name for these flowers is anemones.

anemones in Park Britannia
The ones I saw were not yet open. I asked my son who is spending the year in Gush Etzion if he saw any red flowers, and he said, oh yeah, he did see a lot of red flowers. Probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t said anything.

cyclamen rakefet
This is rakefet – cyclamen in English. Turns out there is a song for rakefet as well!

almond blossom
This is an almond blossom. That one, too, comes with a song: Hashkedia porahat. In about one month parts of Israel will be full with these blossoms.

I saw this chicory flower as well. I think the Hebrew is olesh.

Tel Azeka
There is history in the park as well. Supposedly, somewhere in the plains David battled the Philistines.

Tel Azeka city scape
I’m not sure what city that is in the background, but when you reach the top of Tel Azeka on a clear day, you can see far in many directions. I think the general area is called Emek HaEla – Valley of Ela.

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Lorri M. says

Lovely capture of landscape, sky, and flowers. I like the fact that there are songs named after some of the flowers. The almond blossom is similar to a cherry tree blossom. Beautiful photos...thank you for sharing!

Leora says

Lorri, thank you for being the first visitor as I try to get back to a bit of blogging mode ... I think the fact there are songs means the flowers meant a lot to the early Zionist pioneers. In a quite frugal world, flowers are really quite a treasure.

Lorri M. says

I were precious! Their beauty brought a sense of glory, color in an environment often filled with drabness, and sense of home to the early Zionist pioneers. Aside from their beauty, the flowers were used for many things, such as dyes, food, lotions, etc. The songs were/are a memorial, of sorts, to their natural loveliness.

Eileen says

Hello, lovely flowers and images. It is nice to see the scenery too. Thanks for sharing your trip! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Susan Cooper says

You captured some lovely images. I always enjoy your flowers. For me they offer up a sense of peace. In this crazy world we live, that's a good thing. ?

Kathy Andrew says

It's always strange to me when I find familiar flowers in a different countries. There are lots of anemones in the UK but not sure I've seen them in California. And what a fantastic view in that final photo. So great you recorded it all Leora.

EG CameraGirl says

What a treat to see blossoms this time of year!

craftygreenpoet says

Beautiful views and beautiful flowers. I love the idea of a song for every flower.

Ramblingwoods says

Oh what beautiful flowers and interesting about the songs. I am glad you had a good trip.. And now you are back to winter time...

Donna@Gardens Eye View says

Just beautiful!


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