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Tea Parties and Teapot Sketches

tea party, Alice performance in Rutgers Gardens
Back in July we attended a performance in Rutgers Gardens. Well, maybe performance isn’t the right word. We were told as we entered the woods on the edge of the gardens that we were Alice. Then we met characters such as the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen. This table displayed the tea party. I really liked the set up. What do you see? I see a tablecloth that looks like a chess board. And teacups. Thank you to reThink Theatrical for a fun evening.

dormouse, mad hatter in Rutgers Gardens
The Dormouse and Mad Hatter were right next to us. In the photo you can see the March Hare approaching. The large green chairs are part of the regular Rutgers Gardens display.

A friend posted her colorful teapot on Facebook this summer. I was inspired. I had a busy summer of work and family events, but while riding as a passenger in a car on the way to see my daughter perform in sleepaway camp as the Wicked Witch of the West, I produced this teapot sketch:

teapot sketch

A few weeks later while in a hotel room I did a colored pencil sketch of the teapot:
teapot colored pencil sketch

I am a fan of fanciful teacups and teapots – to sign up to read more of these posts by email, please click on the teacup in the sidebar of this blog (should be down at the bottom if you are reading on a phone).

Thank you for visiting – I plan more sketches in the future!

Lorri M. says

What a wonderful post, Leora! I love the photos of the performance. Naturally, my eyes went straight to a blue and white teapot, which was sitting on top of a pitcher. I saw another teapot, another pitcher, and I see a floral tablecloth! I love the varied colors and textures in the garden photos.

I am a fan of teapots and fancy teacups, as well.

Thank you so much for including your sketches of my teapot-I love them! xo

Leora says

Ah, you also enjoy the details! The blue and white teapot is a beaut. Yes, your teapot inspired in a part because it is pretty, but more so, because it belongs to you.

Kathy Andrew says

Lovely drawings Leora- I'm a big fan of teapots, though not so much cups etc. They're a really fun thing to draw and paint.

Leora says

Kathy, nice to hear you are also inspired by teapots! Would love to see some of your sketches. You live in a lovely part of the world - have you done any landscapes?

Susan Cooper says

I too am a fan of pretty teapots and cups. I love your creations, they have such life to them.

Leora says

Susan, thanks for your kind words about my creations. I love yours as well - love when you write posts that tell stories with accompanying illustrations.

Jeannette Paladino says

I had a beautiful teapot, sugar and creamer set that I bought many years ago at an antiques shop. I believe I used it once. When I moved, no longer had space for it, so off it went to a thrift shop. Not much demand for these sets anymore, which is too bad.

Leora says

I have some old teacups from my mother in my hutch. My daughter LOVES to use them. I always tell her to exercise care. Too bad you couldn't keep the ones you had. Mine were probably from another relative (great grandmother or great aunt). Jeannette, thanks for visiting since I don't post much now!


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