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Self-Portrait of Leora Wenger

One often needs to come up with an image of oneself for social media on on the web. I went to a coding site that required a photo to publish on my profile. I had taken the photo off About Leora Wenger when I moved this site, as I couldn’t decide which one to use. I searched my blog to see if I had any of photos of myself, and I had none. For the coding site, I decided to put up my teacup watercolor in place of a portrait. Maybe I will replace with a photo or a watercolor of me or maybe I won’t.

I decided to correct the lack of self-portrait on this Sketching Out blog.

I settled on this one:
Leora with glasses watercolor

Lorri M. says

What a stunning self-portrait! I love everything about it. The colors, various shadings, blend so wonderfully, I find it to be quite expressive, with how your eyes and eyebrows illuminate. You captured, painted, yourself masterfully, ๐Ÿ’œ

Leora says

Thank you, Lorri. I am learning how to let go enough to grab the expressiveness and to add just enough paint but not too much. Glad I succeeded with this one.


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