Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn berries
It’s hawthorn berry season in Highland Park, New Jersey. This means you can walk down a side street, and you may find a tree like the one above, bursting with hawthorn berries.

hawthorn berries in Highland Park, New Jersey
This tree is right around the corner from my home, so I photographed it on Sunday afternoon. I know there is one on Denison Street and also on Lawrence. I’m sure there are more. I photographed this particular Highland Park tree way back in 2009 and also 2008. See the beauty of blogging: one can keep track of past photos and photo expeditions quite easily.

Hawthorn berries Holmdel Park
These berries in the photo above I photographed a month ago in Holmdel Park, New Jersey. I used my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone to photograph these. I find when I photograph berries that are bursting in bunches all over a tree, most berries are not in focus, and if I’m lucky, a few are in focus (I have more out of focus issues with my camera phone than my Canon Rebel – the Canon focuses, even if slowly).

According to this WebMD article, hawthorn berries have medicinal qualities. I’m not sure I’d pick them off a tree and eat them, however.

Wikipedia says the Latin name is Crataegus. The haw means hedge in Old English, but now haw refers to the fruit. That article also says hawthorn berries are particularly deadly to vampires. Now that information could come in handy.

Check back in May and I will let you know if I’ve photographed the flowers of the hawthorn tree.

Oh, and just because it’s fall and foliage time (actually, past foliage time, leaf clean up time), here’s a leaf collage:
leaf collage

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