blue jay

Tufted Titmouse and Blue Jay

tufted titmouse
A tufted titmouse enjoyed the bird feeder I refilled two days after Hurricane Sandy came and went. I am rather burnt out of talking about post-storm problems, but in quick summary, most of Highland Park now has its power restored. We had wonderful utility workers from Florida who did much of the fixing (PSE&G was maxed out – I understand nearby Edison had workers from Ontario, Canada). So thank you, Florida and Canada. A few homes reportedly did not yet have power, but they’ve been promised fixing by today. We shall see. Meanwhile, back to the birds.

Sandy Storm titmouse

I was pleased to photograph a bird new to me – thank you, Michelle, for identifying the tufted titmouse.
tufted titmouse by the bird feeder

blue jay bird feeder

I’ve been seeing more blue jays recently than I have in the past. No signs of cardinals right now.
blue jay in bird feeder

Help yourself, Mr. Blue Jay.
blue jay by bird feeder

I will try my best to continue filling my bird feeder through the winter.

Nature Notes: Birds in Back

It seems the time to see birds in my backyard is midday on a warmish day after a cold spell. Then they come in groups. All of these photos were taken through a window, so they are a bit fuzzy. The robins were bouncing around from tree to tree a few days ago.

male cardinal
A male cardinal was in the far end of my backyard. The telephoto lens on my camera allowed me to see this little guy.

blue jay
I don’t often see blue jays in my backyard, but last week a group visited. They had a female and a male cardinal with them, too.

I wasn’t the only one birdwatching; I got a fuzzy photo of the neighbor’s cat, but you’ve all seen a cat before. This one was just lolling about in my garden, watching for possible prey. I bought a bird feeder in a sock at the supermarket (that I haven’t seen touched by bird or squirrel), and I found a window bird feeder online that I will order soon. After I get some work done.