I wanna go …

Three kids. One day trip. Where do you want go?
Eldest: Nowhere.
Middle: NOT to a zoo.
Youngest: To a zoo! Someplace with animals.

In the end, we went to Sandy Hook, at the top of the Jersey Shore. Sandy Hook has beautiful beaches, dunes, rocks, waves. Eldest Son stayed home, as he preferred, and tended to the homestead (he’s a teenager, he’s allowed).
Sandy Hook
We took one of my son’s friends.
Sandy Hook
The sky was a lovely blue, and the weather warm enough, considering it was mid-April.
three kids on the rocks
The kids had a great time, climbing the rocks and playing in the sand.
collage of rocks
I tried to get a little artsy with my photos.
There’s a lighthouse at the end of Sandy Hook, and there’s another lighthouse called Twin Lights that’s on the road on the way home from Sandy Hook. My kids opted out of going to the lighthouses today, but in the past we’ve gone to both. The Twin Lights Historic Site is a good place to visit if you were planning to go to the beach, but it ends up raining.

What do you do when your kids disagree? Do you just take them where you want to go?

6 thoughts on “I wanna go …

  • Hm. I try not to ask them, actually. I merely inform my offspring and command.

    Not that it helps me much.

  • Jack,
    I know someone that used benadryl on his kids. For long trips. Worked. Brings back memories. His kids are much older now, wouldn’t put up with that from Dad anymore. 🙂

    Mom in Israel,
    My husband once, as an experiment, told the kids we were going on a “mystery” trip. We went to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. So you think that would be a good trip, right? But NOOOOOooooo, they complained it was the worst trip of their lives. I prefer to consult than to suffer the complaints.

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