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Garlic and Ginger

Garlic and Ginger on a bed of lettuceFeeling like a cold is coming on? Throat a little scratchy? Got a bit of post-nasal drip? Two staples to stock in your kitchen are garlic and ginger. I’ve cooked up the following concoction for mild ear-nose-throat ailments:

– Peel one garlic clove.
– Cut off one piece of ginger from fresh ginger root.
  Slice off the skin of the root.
– Optional: a leaf of dark greens, such as collards or kale
– Optional: a dash of hot pepper sauce or a bit of a hot pepper
– Optional: fresh lemon (thanks for the reminder, Robin)

Place all ingredients in a mug. Boil some water, and pour it into the mug. Let it steep for about two minutes. Sip, and enjoy.

For my kids, who refuse the garlic, I put in a slice of ginger and a large spoonful of honey.

I am going to restate the obvious: make sure to get enough sleep. And may I add that if the cough or sore throat persists, please see your doctor.

In another post, I’ll write up my garlic spread recipe. Coming soon.

Another tip: try giving up sugar and dairy products for the duration of your cold; that may help the healing process along.

This post is dedicated to a friend that I hope is feeling better than when she asked me for a home remedy.

Robin says

I do something very similar - mine has one peeled clove of garlic, one tablespoon of honey, juice from half a lemon, and "as much cayenne pepper as you can stand".

It's been my go-to beverage all week as I try to kick this flu.

Leora says

Robin, I added the lemon. I had thought of it as an option. I had read your post about the flu; gave me more impetus to write this one. How nasty. Feel better.


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