Hamantaschen Recipes

hamantaschenHere are some ideas on how to bake hamantaschen, the delicious pastries served on the upcoming holiday of Purim. These three-cornered baked goods can be filled with sweets, jam, prune, chocolate chips or even savories like spinach. Hamantaschen are Eastern European in origin; Jews of Sephardic origin (originally from Spain) make Orejas de Haman, (Oznei Haman in Hebrew) or Haman’s ears. Hamantaschen are supposed to resemble Haman’s hat (he was the bad guy in the Book of Esther).

Ilana-Davita also posted a hamantaschen recipe.

A Simple Jew asked: What is the origin of pastry dough hamantaschen ?

Do you have a food tradition for Purim?

12 thoughts on “Hamantaschen Recipes

  • Although I was raised on yeast dough hamentaschen, I actually prefer cookie dough hamentaschen – as do my husband and kids. However, my old cookie dough recipe calls for margarine, and so this year, my daughter and I went online and found a new oil-based recipe. We made the hamentaschen last week, and B”H they came out very nicely. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see how they actually taste…

  • Mrs. S., can you get the non-trans fat substitutes like Earth Balance or Smart Balance in Israel? I find they are good compromise between not using margarine and the greasiness of just using oil. My kids love the hamantaschen even more ever since I started buying Earth Balance spread once a year just for the hamantaschen.

  • “Do you have a food tradition for Purim?”
    Funny you should ask…. 🙂
    We most certainly do!
    In addition to the traditional hamantaschen, I also bake tons of “Haman Men” – sugar cookie dough men with angry faces. We then ‘hang’ 10 of them, representing aseres b’nei haman on the front door and even more from our dining room light fixture.
    Instead of providing alcohol to minors (which happens to be illegal) I offer all bochrim and shalach monos deliverers Haman Men when they come to the door.
    For pics check out my blog 🙂

  • Last year I tried spinach and artichokes in my Hamantaschen. They were delicious.

    This year I will try some with dates, and some with apples and walnuts.

    • Yum. I made savory hamantaschen a few years ago. My kids got mad at me for putting strange stuff in the hamantaschen, and I shouldn’t dare put those in the Mishloach Manot.

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