Week in Review with Crocus

Crocuses, March 2009
Crocuses, March 2009

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Today’s Flowers: Early Spring

Ruby Tuesday Firetruck
Visit the Rutgers Agricultural Museum in New Brunswick via this post.

East Meets West?
In Which Graham Gudgin (originally of Britain, now of Edison) hosts Hannah (originally of U.S., now of Israel)

Recipes for Pesach

Nature Notes: Buds


Creating a Calendar Icon in Photoshop

What Do You See?
Examine a child’s drawing. Fun participatory game!

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5 thoughts on “Week in Review with Crocus

  • Hi Leora! Long time no see and long time since you were so helpful to me when I was just starting out with my WordPress blog. Remember you showed me what my header was? I am forever grateful for that small kindness.

    Crocuses were my mother-in-law’s favorite.

    This time of the year is so glorious, makes you think any wonder is possible. And is!

    And in case you are interested, I put a video on my blog today of me singing playing guitar on a brand new song at a recent show, yay! I’m getting it together.

  • I just realized a few things.

    1- that’s the picture you posted in your comment on my blog, actually it’s similar, now I see it’s from your “today flower”.

    2- that’s the name of the flower that you said was the one I had taken a picture of (although I didn’t get a chance to respond to the comments on that post yet).

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