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Weekly Review with Pink Roses

Pink Climbing Roses in Bloom, early June 2009
Pink Climbing Roses in Bloom, early June 2009

On My Blog

I had a tough week. Busy with work (three meetings in a row with three different clients) and then the real anxiety-provoker, dealing with my father’s surgery. He’s doing well. So I got the chance to write my most creative post last night:

Keyword and Link Challenge: I am challenging you, my readers, to put your favorite post (can be yours or someone else’s) in the comments of that post. Then I’ll come up with a post using a few of those links. Sort of like paper bag dramatics: you put a bunch of objects in a box, then you and your group put on a skit.

The highlight of the past week was the Salute to Israel Day Parade in New York City:
Israel Day Parade 2009
Ruby Tuesday Parade Reds
Float of Israeli Banks

I have another picture from the parade I hope to post for Summer Stock Sunday. This was my first entry for that summery meme hosted by Robin: Summer Beach Items

Updates and an Iris

Nature Notes: New Moon (aside note: best wishes to Michelle in dealing with her mom, who is in the hospital)

I didn’t get a chance to do a Weekly Review last week, so here’s an artsy post:
Flower Power Painting

Stay tuned for a scribbly, fun art post last Saturday night Eastern time.

Elsewhere on the Web

Ellie says

What a week! You can never go wrong with roses! Grand finale!

Ilana-Davita says

These roses are lovely.
Thanks for linking to me.

mother in israel says

Glad your father is doing okay. Mine was in the hospital this week too, but he should be going home today. He's weak, though. Shabbat shalom.

Leora says

It must be hard to have him so far away. When my father was in the hospital 4 years ago, I was a 5 hour drive away. I couldn't help him with his day to day needs or with dealing with the hospital staff. Now that he lives nearby (and the hospital is ten minutes away, half an hour on foot), it is so much easier to watch out for his needs. But it was draining on me this week.

Gail says

So sorry to her about your father, Leora. Glad he is doing well. Dealing with ailing parents is very stressful.

Loved the picture of the rose.

Leora says

Thanks for the good wishes, Gail.

"ailing parents" - I like to think of him as "aging parent" instead of ailing. He takes very good care of himself (actually, it's his full-time occupation currently).

I hope your parents are doing OK.

Jew Wishes says

Your weeks are always so full...which is good for us, your readers, as you give us much to ponder.

Leora says

I'm glad I give you something to ponder with my crazy trying fit too much in life!

Martha says

What a week! I hope you have a nice weekend and an easier week ahead!

Leora says

Today went that's a good start! Thanks, Martha.

Klara Le Vine says


I'd love a post some day on aging. I think of it often. Is the body really something that must break down as it gets older??

Leora says

There are people who study aging; some researchers think they can stop the aging process. Meanwhile, even the people I know who are very health-conscious, once they reach their eighties, life gets harder. A relative by marriage (who lives in Jerusalem now) jokes that when she gets together with friends, it only takes a few minutes before the topic turns to health.

Ad mayah v'esrim - until 120 - we should have good lives at least that long.


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