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Favorite Images of 2009

strawberry and red juice sycamore trunk Jill Caporlingua and my daughter carnations bouquet on black background Girl with Tulip in Watercolor pink umbrella against gray wall
Highland Park in Sepia  daughter in sepia with teal doing ballet

girls in pink doing ballet  
orange and yellow tulip in my garden, April 2009 Pink Azalea Bud Opening in April 2009 pottery
Sunset over the bay at Sandy Hook, New Jersey  

Yellow Tulip on Red Azaleas, May 2009  pink snapdragon
parsley beets noodles orange purple iris
flags U.S. Israel peaches at Highland Park Farmer's Market 

butterfly bouquet at Highland Park Farmer's Market Witch of Rapunzel in Metuchen
  pointing up a tree in autumn
ghoul gull Jacob Ladder
hamantaschen watercolor beach watercolor ink pumpkin watercolor sledding  lighting an oil wick on Chanukah

I would greatly enjoying reading which of these images strikes your fancy. Thank you!

Upcoming on Thursday: A Selection of Nature Notes Posts from around the Nature-Loving
Blogosphere. Nature Notes is a meme brought to us by Rambling Woods. Here are some of her favorite images of 2009.

ramblingwoods says

Wow..You really give us a difficult task to choose. I really love them all and what is striking is that you have such a range ...your children, your art, nature, food. I think that your ability to present such a diverse collection is really amazing. Yet they all have your special touch. Your photos and art work give me ideas as to other areas to explore. Thank you for mentioning Nature Notes... I appreciate it...Michelle

Leora says

This is so sweet. I decided I would post a review of other people's Nature Notes - because I don't always get a chance to do them, and this is a good week for a review.

Ilana-Davita says

How can we possibly choose? I must say I really like the peaches but they are all wonderful and your pre-selection well reflects this year's pictures on your blog.
I have prepared something similar for Window Views but on a much more limited scale since it is a weekly meme and I don't even take part every week. I still had no time for the thumbnails yet, sigh!

Leora says

This took even longer than JPIX to put together! It's good you didn't do thumbnails. Try to do thumbnails sometimes when you have 3 or 6 or 9 pics to show. Or show one big one with the thumbnails.

Glad you mentioned the peaches. I really like that one, too. It's a New Jersey specialty in the summer.

You have a lot for Windows Views - you have photographed so much of Europe. And Hong Kong.

Carver says

These are all delightful. Hard to pick favorites, they are all so good. My daughter is 24 but was once a little girl who loved to dance, the dances pictures took me back to the land of memories. I'd have to choose the dance pictures for that reason. The class one is great but the one of her dancing in front of the fireplace is an special favorite. My daughter danced in classes too but she danced around the house (often in her slip) and some of my favorite shots are of her dancing around the house. You captured this with your dancer so well. If I had to pick others the ones looking up the tree trunk are also favorites. All the shots are wonderful and if I kept looking, I'd have to pick more.

Leora says

Thanks, Carver. I look forward to the winter ballet show when I can take more of these sorts of shots.

Glad you mentioned the tree trunks. Thanks for the longish comment - this post took a while to put together.

Jill says

These look great. I'm honored to make it up there!

Mrs. S. says

I agree with everyone else. It's impossible to pick just one. Or even two. Or three or four...

Having said that, I'll add that I like that you included some of your gorgeous paintings!

Looking forward to seeing your images of 2010 IY"H...

Leora says

And so you remind me of one my goals for 2010 - or 5769 2nd half - to do more artwork.

Jew Wishes says

I like them all, each one for different reasons! I enjoy your photography.

Jack says

I like many of them. At the moment the seagull and tree catch my eye.

Leora says

Thanks for mentioning the seagull and tree. I was very excited when I caught that seagull so close in flight with the water in the photo.

I'm going to visit your 2009 retrospective.

Shimshonit says

Each and every picture is a thing of beauty. My personal favorites are the purple crocuses and the group of dancers in pink. But as I said, each picture is very special, and you are an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing them.


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