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Mosaic Wall in Sepia

Mosaic Wall at Raritan Valley Community College
You can see a full color version of this mosaic wall at Raritan Valley Community College in this post. To put this in sepia, I copied the original photo to a new layer in Photoshop, desaturated the photo, added yellow and red to get sepia, and then set the opacity of the sepia layer to 90% so just a wee bit of color would show through. I wanted to use the sepia effect to emphasize the textures of the mosaic.

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bench in sepia

Ilana-Davita says

You are early!
You have done well; the texture of the mosaic stands out.

Leora says

Instead of being very, very late to Ruby Tuesday, I decided to be one day early to Sepia Scenes. Glad you can see the texture.

ramblingwoods says

That came out really beautifully Leora..a lot of detail and texture...

Jew Wishes says

What a lovely capture of textures and details. The sepia effects enhance them.

The reflections are lovely, adding mood to the beauty of the wall.

@nemonen says

I love the texture in the mosaic.

Amanda says

Very nice! I love mosaics. There's just something magical how all those different shapes and colors come together to make something so lovely.

Ralph says

I feel the depth of each tile in the mosaic. The sepia edits are great as the shape of each tile is seen better, the layout more clear in a monochrome. Nice!

Patti V. says

I also like how you caught the textures in the mosaic. I checked out the photo of the original. It's so colorful!

P.S. I gave you a "'shout out" on my Ruby post this week.

Carletta says

I clicked to compare with the color version. Wow, it has a lot of color and looks quite beautiful.
I think a wall with the muted shades your sepia has created would be equally as beautiful! I actually prefer these golden shades.

John McDevitt says

Your technique worked well. Nice shot.

mizhelle says

you did a great job! that looks pretty interesting in sepia :)

u may view mine here

Rachel says

I love the texture of that wall. Mosaics always take me back to a school trip to a museum in Cirencester, where there are the remains of a Roman villa, complete with marvellous floor mosaics. I was desperate to touch the individual tesserae, but alas, was not allowed.

As for Photoshop, my BH is a whizz with it, being a digital imaging person - it confounds me. I guess I just need to sit down with it, since I can handle a digital SLR with no problems. In the 'spare' time that I have. Who needs sleep, lol?!

Louis la Vache says

A very nice transition to the sepia!

ldh says

The mosaic is beautiful and your adjustments on Photoshop worked well in bringing out the detail! Lovely!

maryt/theteach says

I LOVE how you did this Leora! Just the slightest bit of color! Great! Happy Sepia Scenes! :)


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