Review with Raritan Avenue Traffic

raritan avenue traffic
Raritan Avenue traffic on a June morning, 2012

The skies were glorious the morning I photographed Raritan Avenue traffic.

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11 thoughts on “Review with Raritan Avenue Traffic

  • The review is such a great idea…Thank you for your comment of support. My Mom now reads my blog so I can’t say anything about her, but life has had its challenges for me….

      • I hope never to be a problem for my daughter..and I am sorry that Mom is reading the blog as I have to censor myself…but I guess it is a way of connecting and we need that…Michelle

  • Shavua tov! As a sign of how long it’s been since we made aliyah, my first reaction to your beautiful traffic shot was that you probably took the picture a few months ago. After all, here in Israel, cars driving with their lights on during the daytime and cloudy skies are only seen in the winter! But then I noticed that the picture is from June… 🙂

  • This post made me a little nostalgic for the time when I managed to post my own review once a week. I am glad there is still yours to read though.
    Shavua tov!

    • Real life meets cyberspace. I was thinking of writing, and “right before I took the shot, I was talking to another blogger about how I was taking the shot for a blog post…”

      I enjoy seeing you in real life, Laura!

    • I don’t think I aimed to be productive – I use blogging when I am having difficulties in other areas of my life so to feel good I put up blog posts.

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