Rutgers Plant Sale: Snapdragon, Petunia

Rutgers Plant Sale - Rutgers Gardens
Every year in early May there is a wonderful plant sale at Rutgers Gardens. I went with a friend on Friday and met another friend there. I bought: snapdragons, petunias, Rutgers tomato plants (I’ve been growing those for the past few years – not too big, not too small, and they are developed at Rutgers!), two kinds of rosemary and some broccoli plants. Here’s to praying that the broccoli plants do not get eaten by a ground hog or by deer. A friend sent a link to wolf urine packs – should I try those? Another idea was sticking garlic near them. We shall see. One friend bought swiss chard and eggplant; another friend purchased a variety of cilantro. All the plants at the sale are top quality. Last year I bought a hydrangea plant – the leaves got eaten by a deer before it flowered, but happily this year despite being only sticks in the winter it is now full of green leaves again.

snapdragon yellow in front of magenta
Here is one of the snapdragon plants now in front of my house. I got a mix of yellow and magenta/pink snapdragons.

My petunias are now planted in a sunny corner of my yard, at the edge of the sidewalk and the driveway.

This tulip is growing in front of my porch. No, I did not get at the Rutgers Plant Sale, nor did I plant it last fall. The tulips that are growing on my block seem to be the ones that survived being eaten up by deer.

strawberry plants
Finally, my strawberry plants (which I planted about ten years ago?) have those white flowers. Next step: juicy red strawberries! No more hunting for half decent organic strawberries in the store. For two weeks, we get a marvelous treat. Must make sure to pick them – last year we were too busy and neglected to pick the last bunch (they turned to mush on the plant).

Good news! I got my watercolor paints out again today (they’ve been away in the closet far too long). I did a quick painting of my garden using an exercise from One Watercolor a Day. Soon enough, I will have a watercolor that I will post on this blog. Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “Rutgers Plant Sale: Snapdragon, Petunia

  • The plant sale sounds great. We have some tomato and strawberry plants growing too. Looking forward to seeing your watercolor..Have a happy day and week ahead!

    • Felicia, the hard part is over (making decisions and getting those seedlings into the garden quickly). Now I just need to tend and water. Maybe I will plant a few more. I have cucumber seedlings growing as well.

    • Oh, dear! I don’t envy you. When I first started gardening, New Jersey had a drought. I decided to stop watering my impatiens. I haven’t planted those flowers since – they require too much water!

  • Leora — thanks for the tour of the plant sale at Rutgers Gardens. Is this a commercial garden that Rutgers maintains for college and non-college personnel or just this one-time sale? Hope the deer keep away!

  • How nice to have a plant sale like that near you. My hydrangeas get eaten every year now and never flower so I am thinking of taking them out and replacing with something less deer friendly. I love your strawberries. We have them growing in the yard and across the pond, but I have never looked for the berries…Something to look for…

    • Michelle, regarding strawberries, there are wild ones and there are more “domestic” ones. The wild ones are small and not very sweet. We have some wild ones that grow like weeds, but the strawberry plants I put in about ten years ago I bought from some online plant nursery and produce plump, juicy, large strawberries.

  • What a lovely set of photos! I love how the whiteness of the dogwood (?) trees stand out in the first photo. Each photo is filled with beauty. Snap, snap! I like snapdragons-they stand so tall and proud-that is if nobody starts snapping the blossoms.

    I enjoy going to plant sales in a garden setting, like the one you went to.

    • Lorri, you talk about tall standing snapdragons – the ones that last in my garden over the winter *do* stand tall. (Did I originally grow those from seed?) However, the ones I’ve bought at plant nurseries or at this plant sale unfortunately seem to flop. I once asked a plant nursery person about this, and he had no idea.

      • You know, I have had luck with snapdragons grown from seed, as well. Interesting. And, ones I have bought do not last. I wonder if it is the soil and amendments of our own gardens.

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