September 11

I ruminated over whether I should post about September 11. Do I really have anything new to add? Some bloggers have chosen to commemorate this day; others have not. The easiest part was to decide on an image. Black. It is a day of mourning, is it not? There is a Jewish tradition to leave […]

Thanks for the Beets

“See that woman walking down the street Don’t you know she brought me my beets She brought me beets, She brought me beets, Yeah, we got some beets.” When my daughter was six months old, we had a family crisis. I won’t go into the details, in order to protect family members who aren’t anxious […]

Purpose of a big brother

      Ah, siblings. Sometimes they get along. Sometimes they squabble. Sometimes one helps the other out, like my Eldest Son did as he carried my daughter through the Old City of Jerusalem on our way to visit the Kotel. I really appreciated his offer to carry her. Anyone got a good sibling tale […]

Earthquake Anxiety

Tsefat in the Galil in Northern Israel suffered an earthquake in 1837 or, this could also be titled: How do you talk to someone who expresses a lot of fears? I was thinking of subtitling this: ‘How to talk to an elderly person.’ But the truth is, it could be a child who is very […]

Expressions of Anger

Yesterday, I started posting about anger. My intention had been to write about every day anger and how various people handle it. However, a horrific tragedy gave me pause to focusing at present on the every day. I feel fortunate to have wonderful neighbors here in Highland Park of many different backgrounds. But the close […]