Nature Notes: The Path

woods in Highland Park near path to RPRY
There is a path at the edge of Highland Park by the Edison border that leads to my children’s school. On one side are houses, but on the other side of the path are lots of brush and trees and weeds and who knows what else. The brook runs alongside all this woodsy brush.

brook by path with green

Anyone able to identify these large leafy plants growing on the path?
large leafy plants

I spotted a robin! There’s something green in the robin’s mouth: a worm, catepillar or a leaf?
robin with green caterpillar

Nature Notes: Tulips and Robins

two wet tulips
These two wet tulips are relaying the weather we have in New Jersey today.

pink petals dogwood
The pink petals of my neighbor’s dogwood are showing off.

robin in a tree
Yesterday I spotted this robin in a tree. Do you think he spotted me?

in the gray a robin and another bird
Today in the gray I saw two birds in a tree – the left bottom one is a robin. Can’t make out the right one – he’s so far off! Michelle suspects the one on the right is a “she” robin – the males have the brighter breast. Mating season?

We still have a bunny rabbit living in our backyard.

Nature Notes: Birds in Back

It seems the time to see birds in my backyard is midday on a warmish day after a cold spell. Then they come in groups. All of these photos were taken through a window, so they are a bit fuzzy. The robins were bouncing around from tree to tree a few days ago.

male cardinal
A male cardinal was in the far end of my backyard. The telephoto lens on my camera allowed me to see this little guy.

blue jay
I don’t often see blue jays in my backyard, but last week a group visited. They had a female and a male cardinal with them, too.

I wasn’t the only one birdwatching; I got a fuzzy photo of the neighbor’s cat, but you’ve all seen a cat before. This one was just lolling about in my garden, watching for possible prey. I bought a bird feeder in a sock at the supermarket (that I haven’t seen touched by bird or squirrel), and I found a window bird feeder online that I will order soon. After I get some work done.