Watercolor: Carrot


Here’s my carrot watercolor. I used both watercolor and gouache. Carrots are traditionally eaten on Rosh Hashana, and a “yehi ratzon” is said on the carrots: “Yehi ratzon milfanecha she-yikara roa gezar dinneinu, v’yikaru lfaneacha zakiyoteinu” “May it be God’s will that the evil decrees against us be torn up and our good merits be […]

Kids’ Books & Carrots


A few recommendations for Rosh Hashanah books for young children: Apples and Pomegranates: A Family Seder for Rosh Hashanah by Rahel Musleah A Sound to Remember by Sonia Levitin (nice story about failure, success, and perserverance) The Magic Pomegranate by Peninah Schramm (not really about Rosh Hashana but about pomegranates, one of the simanim) Happy […]