Our Favorite Toy Store


My daughter wanted a picture of her standing in front of our favorite toy store in Highland Park: Over the Moon Toys. She told me not to put up the one with her squinting (which may have been a better shot of the store). Do you have an old-fashioned, mom-and-pop style toy store in your […]

About My Work


In between working on intriguing posts for your enjoyment and taking care of my family, I do website work for a number of Central New Jersey businesses and organizations. Sometimes it takes a while before my work becomes public, but recently I edited a number of web pages that I can share with you: Yesterday, […]

Highland Park Street Fair


One of the best annual events in Highland Park, New Jersey is the street fair. Traffic is closed from 12-4 pm along Raritan Avenue, the main street in our borough. Booths line the avenue from 5th to 2nd Avenue. Here’s what my son and his friend chose to do: If you are in pain, pay […]

Say Thank You


You know the Barney Song? The purple dinosaur who sings: “remember please and thank you”. It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted a local business. Here’s one that knows how to say thank you: And, if you’re a search engine who is too stupid to read the words on an image, that’s: RARITAN AIR WATER […]