Summer Stock: Soccer Game

Played with this photo in Photoshop so it is more about the motions of the soccer game than the individual faces. I was working toward achieving a painterly look. Soccer game was in Johnson Park off River Road in Piscataway next to Highland Park.

Use this Design For?

Lots of opportunities to utilize a variety of tools (pathfinder, burn and dodge, subtract, blend, drop shadow to name some) in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop came up because I followed Chris Spooner’s tutorial.

Sepia Scenes: Studies of a Girl

Inspired by some emails from Robin, I decided to play with a photo of my daughter. I selected the background of the original with the magic wand in Photoshop (I also used clone stamp, which mimics one part of the image in another section). Then I duplicated the layer, so I wouldn’t be changing the […]

What’s On Her Mind?

I took this photo last July at the Jaffa Gate outside the Old City of Jerusalem. I’ve wanted to post it, but I needed to rework the face in Photoshop so her face is no longer recognizable. Why is she looking up, but holding the prayer book in her hand? Is it a book of […]


Another Photoshopped photo. I do hope these women don’t recognize themselves. I used so many different Photoshop tools: brush, clone stamp, palette knife, colored pencil filter, sponge, desaturate, paint daubs, magic wand.

Little Girl, My Version

Instead of posting this little girl in the original photo, I changed the photo using Photoshop. I used the filter called “cutout” on most of it, but not on the face and arm. The cutout filter took out too much detail there, so I used the “colored pencil” filter for the face and arm. Did […]