Thursday Challenge: Celebration

Fairy birthday party: thirteen fairies arrived, made fairy wreaths, received fairy wands and diplomas, went on a lost fairy hunt, played fairy freeze dance, put on three fairy skits about magic wishes, and enjoyed pizza and Fairytopia ice cream cake.

What does U.S.A. mean to you?

What does the United States of America mean to you? I am especially interested to hear if you do not live here. The Liberty Bell in Independence Park, Jerusalem signifies freedom. My grandparents came to the U.S.A from Europe and escaped persecution.

Large Cart, Little Girl

Thursday Challenge: the theme for this week is “LARGE” (Big Things, Tall Things, Buildings, Cars, Airplanes,…). I’m not big on photographing cars or airplanes or skyscrapers, but I did enjoy watching my daughter dragging that cart around when we went apple picking last Sunday.