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Review with White Columbine

columbine white with bits of purple salvia
White Columbine with bits of Purple Salvia

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I decided to just write up a review. And show off my white columbines with fuzzy purple dots that are really geranium sanguineum (cranesbill) in the background. I assume a deer ate the tops of some of my columbines; I don’t think the ground hogs can reach up that high.

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dogwood flower curried yellow creamy bean soup chocolate covered matza with nuts

azalea and andromeda bushes chametz burn lulav sushi at sushiana in Highland Park, New Jersey

geese at donaldson park greens - natural and man made back of woodpecker in tree

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I’ve been very busy with work and with a few (thankfully minor) family crises (an infected finger by one child, a tummy virus right before a big talk by another, a fall with only bruises by an older family member). Hope life goes smoothly in the future, (but it never does, does it?).

Review with Purim Presents

Purim containers - mishloach manot shaloch manot
Every year we decorate old oatmeal containers (and sometimes matza meal containers) with pictures and coat them with modge podge to create Purim gifts. We give these away to some of our friends. This year, my son decided to put comics and homemade Purim cards on his containers. My daughter opted for photos of her friends on her containers.

Elsewhere in the Blogosphere

  • Learn about how you can help agunot (an agunah is a woman who’s husband won’t give her a get, a Jewish divorce) on Mom in Israel’s post.
  • Purim in Jerusalem lasts for several days – the real Purim day in Jerusalem this year is today, Friday. Watch the fun on Real Streets of Jerusalem.
  • On the blog Jewacious, there are often fabulous reviews of interesting books. For example, here’s a review of An Italian Renaissance: Choosing Life in Canada, by Robert Eli Rubinstein. “He writes forthrightly, but beautifully, detailing his parent’s journey to Canada, to start life anew, and unbeknownst to them, in a city that was filled with antisemitic individuals. His family and the other Jewish refugees were known as “greenies”, a derogatory term, and one used frequently when being spoken of. “

Review with Three Dogs on the Boardwalk

three dogs on the Asbury Park boardwalk, summer 2011
Three dogs on the Asbury Park boardwalk, summer 2011

When winter feels like it’s dragging on, I share with you a photo of three dogs on the Asbury Park boardwalk, taken sometime last summer. My daughter was working on a cover for a Cinquain poetry booklet for her class, and she wanted a dog to represent friendship. We were going to use this shot, but instead we chose a vertical image of one of the dogs standing up against his master.

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cardinal in my backyard Stratton Mountain, Vermont at sunset cardinal sitting in bird feeder box
oatmeal from steel cut oats basil up close plant cardinal in watercolor

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  • Hannah wrote a post on garnishes in cooking, and it inspires me to consider a series of posts photographing beautiful bits of food: a bowl of parsley, a dish of grated carrots, a plate of purplish red beets. The photograph series hasn’t happened, yet, but if I write it here, maybe I will proceed.
  • There is a review on Jewaicious of a book called Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter: “The primary character, Itsik Malpesh was born in Kishinev during the the Russian pogroms, to a well off family. The events of his birth, as told to him by his mother, are what has shaped his life, and shaped his perception on love. This novel is Itsik’s story, although it reads like a memoir that could be based on an actual person. “
  • Batya has a preview for next week’s big event: Tu B’Shvat.
  • I wrote a post on how one might use Pinterest for a small business. I have ideas for this blog (meaning my Here in HP blog) regarding Pinterest: maybe Pinterest and the Parsha or the much more general Pinterest and fine art. I posted my cardinal watercolor on Pinterest, as this week’s parsha B’Shelach, we are taught to feed the birds.

Review with a Mayor

Gary Minkoff gestures
Mayor Gary Minkoff gestures to a roomful of mayors, Highland Park residents, friends

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polos, cheryl minkoff, gary minkoff affirmed as mayor ducks in Johnson Park Route 18 Graffiti New Brunswick
sparrow in a bush hummus with parsely - green hummus goldenrod brown
Sheperd Pie – vegan version

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Coming Soon: Interview with an artist who illustrates ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts), draws comics, paints figures and is working on a graphic novel on new immigrants to Israel.

Review with Candle Lighting

lighting a candle at Dunkin Donuts for Chanukah
lighting a candle at Dunkin Donuts for Chanukah, a Rutgers Hillel event

On Tuesday night, the first night of Chanukah, the daughter, her friend and I wandered over to our local Highland Park Dunkin’ Donuts for a Rutgers Hillel candle lighting. We just went because it was a convenient time while we were waiting for the rest of the family to come home. The guitar playing and singing were quite nice, and thank you to Rabbi Esther Reed of Rutgers Hillel for the role she played in organizing the event. It was a fun way to start Chanukah.

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snapdragon leaves dreidel art lentils sprouting
sunset at donaldson park Judaica Gallery December 1, 2012 corn bread pictured with strawberry
red carnation blooms in a backyard doughnuts with sugar - sufganiyot smashed window in Highland Park, New Jersey

Olive Oil Salad Dressings – a healthy Chanukah treat

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Review with a View

view washington valley park bridgewater new jersey
View at Washington Valley Park, Bridgewater, New Jersey

It’s been a while since I posted a review. Lots of fall images to celebrate and remember.
Red berries barberry bush at Washington Valley Park, New Jersey mock chopped liver with lentils, onions, walnuts - vegan recipe high school with red foliage Niagara River Bridge pomegranate open to see red seeds fence with mums brown dove hydrangea leaf red sukkah all bnei yisrael will come sit in Sukkot

JPiX 2011 Blog Carnival

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Have you seen anything with a view lately? Maybe in a movie?

Review with Many Mums

mums with pink buds
Mums with pink buds at a farm in New Jersey

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Review with Wet Portulaca

Red Portulaca - Bud Closed in the Rain, Decorated with Rain Drops
Red Portulaca - Bud Closed in the Rain, Decorated with Rain Drops

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friends in a boat on water fox in grayed background nasturtium leaf with a drop of water raspberry top rain drop Willy Wonka reds behind rudbeckia John Witherspoon berry bottom with drop of water singers Veruca Salt and sister
Baking Pita Bread

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Review with Sea Witch

Little Mermaid and Ursula the 14-headed Sea Witch
Little Mermaid and Ursula the 14-headed Sea Witch

Last week my daughter (see green arrow) was one of the 14 heads of Ursula the sea witch in the Middlesex Theater Camp production of the Little Mermaid. The main mermaid was played by a teen who went to school with my middle son, so we “sort of” knew her (at least my daughter and middle son know her). Tomorrow is the final production of my daughter’s summer; they are putting on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. My daughter is one of Veruca Salt’s sisters. She needs to act snotty and rich and put on a British accent. Veruca is played by our friend’s daughter, so that’s exciting, too.

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Review with Cantalope

cantalope skin
Can't Elope Tonight Because My Mother Won't Let Me

wire construction green tomatoes market girl small red portulaca changed from previous drawing of rooftops peach

Interview with Pearl, relationship coach

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